FAQ-solar panel


The solar charging cable for the Hyper100 solar panel is 3 meters long.

  1. The solar panel must be placed outdoors for use. If placed indoors, it won’t work. 2. Check if there is any error prompt on the LCD Screen of your power station. If there is, follow the prompt to solve the problem. 3. Check the connection status by removing and reconnecting it. 4. Check if you can charge the unit with the car charger. If it works, it means that the solar panel has connection issues or other problems. If the car charger doesn’t work either, please record a video and send it to [email protected] for troubleshooting.

We highly recommend to use Hyper 100 on Fremo X700. However, you can consult your third party supplier based on the output spec of Hyper 100. Fremo will not take any responsibility for the issues caused by not using Fremo products.

Since our Hyper 100 solar panel has a USB output outlet, we don’t recommend using it in the rain because water can damage the connection ports. To maximize the unit’s lifespan, please make sure you retrieve the panels when it is raining.

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