How to Respond to a Sudden Power Outage?

”The mobile phone has no signal, so I can’t access the Internet at all”, “I can’t cook without electricity at home”, and the impact of power cuts is disturbing. Nowadays, urban production and life, lighting, warmth, and cooking are all inseparable from stable electricity. Power outages without warning not only bring production to a halt, but also have a huge impact on people’s lives.

When faced power outage, very few households will have generators. After a power outage, the only thing that can be used as a backup power source for most households is the power bank. The conventional power bank not only cannot guarantee a long battery life, but it can only barely maintain the power consumption of low-power electronic products such as mobile phones. At this time, you can imagine how important it is to have a large-capacity and high-power emergency power equipment.

Decades ago, fuel-fired generators have been widely promoted as household emergency electrical equipment, but they have problems such as loud noise, serious pollution emissions, troublesome operation, and flammable and explosive fuel. They are no longer suitable for energy development needs and are replaced by portable outdoor Power supply! Outdoor power supply is a portable energy storage power supply with built-in lithium-ion battery and its own energy storage. The outdoor power supply has a strong inverter output capability, and the sine wave waveform compatibility is the same as that of the household mains. It drives small appliances such as rice cookers, ovens, and microwave ovens for people to run, ensuring normal cooking for people, and no harmful gas is generated throughout the process. No noise, comfortably at home waiting for power to be restored.

At the same time, the outdoor power supply can also drive rescue equipment such as electric picks, searchlights, drones, ventilators, radio stations, etc. The outdoor power supply lithium battery is not affected by low temperature and can be used normally at freezing temperature. It can also be combined with solar panels to achieve self-sufficiency, as long as there is light, it is possible to supply power for a long time. This also ensures people’s outdoor production and emergency rescue needs!

To face a sudden power outage, you must be prepared. Fremo X700 can provide users with emergency power supply protection during a power outage, allowing users to comfortably wait for the power to recover.

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