Why do You Need a LiFePO4 Solar Generator?

Lithium iron phosphate battery, maybe everyone hears the name for a long time, so I think you may not know it. In fact, it is also a kind of lithium battery. Like the batteries used in our mobile phones, it is named because the cathode materials of lithium iron phosphate batteries are mainly compounds of phosphorus, acid, iron and lithium.

The following is a comparison of traditional carbonate batteries to introduce the advantages of iron phosphate batteries.

Advantage one: The life of iron phosphate batteries has been greatly improved. Under standard charging conditions, the service life of iron phosphate batteries can reach more than seven years, and the battery can be charged more than 2,000 times. The ordinary carbonate battery has a service life of only more than one year at most, and it can’t be used after being recharged up to 500 times, and its storage rate will become lower and lower as time goes. 

Advantage two: large capacity. Lithium iron phosphate battery has 2 to 3 times higher storage capacity than carbonate battery under the same volume.

Advantage three: safety. Everyone knows that ordinary lithium batteries and polymer batteries will swell when they are used for a long time. At this time, everyone must hand over the swelled batteries to the relevant departments for unified treatment, because the swelled batteries occur. It is equivalent to an unstable small bomb! If it is not handled properly, it will explode! So the mobile phone explosions we often see on the Internet are caused by this. But the iron phosphate battery avoids this very well! It has excellent stability and will not bulge for a long time. Unless you drop it into thousands of degrees of heat or smash the battery hard, there’s generally no accident.

Advantage four: constant capacity. I believe that everyone will encounter such problems, that is, our mobile phone batteries, computer batteries, and even electric car batteries. After using them for a period of time, we will find that they have less electricity, because if the ordinary battery is not fully charged for a long time, the storage capacity of the battery will decrease rapidly. The feature of lithium phosphate battery is that it can be used at any time! And it will never affect its storage capacity.

Advantage five: green and environmental protection. The lithium iron phosphate battery has environmental protection performance that other batteries do not have because the battery does not contain heavy metals. Therefore, the development projects strongly advocated by the state have been applied to the field of electric bicycles or electric cars.

Summary: The advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries have a lot of room for development! We have just begun to develop and utilize them. Now the theme of society and even the world is green and environmental protection, so it will have a huge play.

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