Fremo X700 & Solar Panel



Available on backorder

Fremo X700 & Solar Panel

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Available on backorder


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Plug and Play

Convenient way to connect the solar panel to FREMO X700.

Small size

With its size even smaller than a piece of A4 paper, the vertical design and the folding handle of X700 greatly minimize the occupied area. It can be lifted up with just one hand at ease, and the column shape will not interfere with your walking.

Ten Ports

X700 can power 10 devices at the same time with such a compact size, and it is also equipped with a fast charging output that can be used for the mainstream digital products.

With 3 Wires Available

Great wire management to put the charging wire, parallel wire and USB wire together. More convenient for use.

14 reviews for Fremo X700 & Solar Panel

  1. Avatar

    Adrienne Alexander

    Very fast order delivery

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  2. Avatar

    Ella Davies

    I bought a combination of 100 watt solar panel and X700. I was a little concerned at first because it didn’t perform the same as another I bought from a different supplier. I texted customer service and their service was excellent. I will definitely stay with this company. With this combo, I can get the generator charged from 70% to 100% in a few hours.

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  3. Avatar

    Brianna Griffin

    It comes in handy on hot summer days. Plugged my fan in and oh my gosh it was running smoothly.

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  4. Avatar

    Mohammad Preston

    I love this stuff! I’ve only taken it to glamping once this summer since I bought it, and I’m very happy with it. Charged our various other electronics for 3 days; dropped to around 30% by the end of the trip. I couldn’t use the solar panel as much because of the rain, but when we could, it kept the x700 going. The same goes for car chargers. Really satisfied with this purchase

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  5. Avatar

    Eliza Miller

    Works very well to recharge the Fremo X700

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  6. Avatar

    Silas Watkins

    I bought a bundle and panicked because the solar panels weren’t in the package. Contacted customer support and the response was very fast, they confirmed the dimensions of the panel resulting in multiple packages….Received in a day! Enjoy the versatility of this product

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  7. Avatar

    Austin Sheppard

    Use this versatile generator to power iPads, iPhones, TVs and lights during a power outage. Plus, for camping and self-driving tours, it’s handy to keep your electronic devices charged.

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  8. Avatar

    Griffin Nielsen

    love this product. Haven’t used it yet, but know this would be a great addition to my outdoor gear. Bought it at a discount. This is helpful around the house with short-term power outages. No need to crank up the engine. great product

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  9. Mason Kennedy

    Mason Kennedy

    I bought the X700 +100w solar panel for my son and he always has his portable tv/dvd player and fan when we travel or when there is a power outage. This X700 is the best, without a doubt. After 4 days, it only dropped to 75%. Uninterrupted operation. Recharge while sleeping at night. I want to get myself a set here asap. I recommend these to everyone I know who is camping with us. This way we don’t have to listen to their generators all the time. Thank you for coming up with such a great product.

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  10. Kai Morris

    Kai Morris

    The Fremo X700 is fantastic. easy to use. It took only three weeks and it was already paid off. Love its light weight.

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  11. Brook Boyd

    Brook Boyd

    Awesome solar power battery pack. I bought 100W solar panels and they charge fine. I’m currently testing my car fridge and after 10 hours the X700 went from 100% to 80%. It’s amazing, so this thing should last me 4-5 days without plugging in solar or AC.

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  12. Avatar

    Hollie Wells

    I am very satisfied with my choice. This is a high quality product that is well designed.

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  13. Avatar

    Hollie Adams

    I haven’t had time to do more testing, but I will.

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  14. Avatar

    Eloise Simpson

    Fast shipping and great product. This is exactly what I want. Good size and not too heavy. Beautiful design and great functionality. Also, using the app that comes with this device is great. Recommend the Fremo X700 to anyone who wants peace of mind during a power outage. Excellent product.

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