The Romance of Modern Camping With Your Power Station

There are always times when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and forget all your troubles for a while. But this era has given not only busy lives, but also more technological products that improve the quality of our lives. The birth of FremoX700 can bring us a different life experience. The Fremo X700 has the smallest volume in the world and weighs only 7.9KG. Whether it is placed in a small corner of the car or carried around, it is extremely easy.

Smallest but safest

FremoX700 uses the safest car grade lithium iron phosphate cell. Compared with the NMC lithium cell used in most energy storage products, the lithium iron phosphate cell has high stability, is not easy to catch fire, and even has a cycle life of more than 5 times, which is the best choice for energy storage products. We designed triple protection for X700 from inside and outside of X700 to achieve 0.8 m drop test on the machine without a safety risk (six surface dropping + 2 rounds of testing), making X700 a product which you can assure about the product quality. No matter how rough the road is, keep moving forward.

A cherish vacation is of course going to be used to camp with the family, which is also a kind of romance in life. Bring a camera and go shoot to record every smiling face of the family. Those happy moments are priceless. With the FremoX700, you no longer have to worry about the camera running out of battery halfway and missing the opportunity to record

When you at the destination, the family members camped together, pitched tents, and laid out carpets. Because of the FremoX700 in the car mini refrigerator, the food is as fresh as if it was just bought. Connected induction cooker to the FremoX700, and accompanied by the beautiful scenery, you still can make delicious food that satisfies the family’s stomach.

No matter where you are.

After the FREMO Hyper 100 is expanded, it connects the male connector of Hyper 100 to the X700 Charge/Solar Input socket to start the MPPT function to Charge. Hyper100 can be paired with X700 to fully enjoy the advantages of advanced MPPT Solar charge Controller, which can detect voltage and current in real time and improve solar power when the environment changes. The Hyper 100 comes with parallel cables that charge the X700 in two units in parallel without the need for additional accessories. The Hyper 100 also comes with a USB port that can be used independently to charge devices such as mobile phones.

As night falls, it’s time to start enjoying the twinkling stars. Staring at the sky all the time, as if in front of the universe, the whole body is relaxed. FremoX700 can bring brightness into the tent. We also made a lot of innovative design in technology for this detachable flashlight. We used a constant current source control IC to make the light continuous and completely flicker-free. We use the smart watch charge management IC, when placed into the X700 unit, it won’t consume battery energy. The lifetime of the flashlight won’t be shortened under frequent use. Before going to sleep, you can also use your laptop to video with distant friends and share happy moments.

It is human nature to embrace nature and get close to nature. Only in nature can you find the most suitable sense of security, so as to relieve anxiety and feel the connection between heaven and earth. However, under the current social system, this sense of security given by nature is only temporary after all. But our FremoX700 can give us a sense of security anytime, anywhere.

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